2019 Exhibiting Artists 

Naturally Inspire, Kristine Andrews
Beautiful and Rugged Heirloom Baskets from Vermont
Twin Flame Arts, Tracy Arietti
Glass, Paint, Ceramic and Other Artistic Media
T B Pots Pottery, Tracy Bradford
Handmade functional and decorative stoneware pottery
Stroudwater Studio, Corey Bucknam
Tactile, touchable sculpture for everyday use.
The Acadian, Chris Cavallari
Everyday carry products from our workshop on the coast of Maine. From handcrafted pens to fine hand stitched leather products and more, we pride ourselves on crafting high quality products with a Maine flair.
Paige W. Driscoll
Ceramics and more.
Doug Frati Art
Relief wood carving done in a folk art style.
DMG Designs, Danielle Gerber
Born from Nature | Crafted by Hand
Lacey Pots, Lacey Goodrich
Fun, functional, colorful, hand thrown and handpainted pottery
Three Sisters Supply
Hand dyed indigo clothing and vintage linens. Hand made beaded jewelry.
Baskets by Dot
Hand woven without a mold. Rattan reed is used in all of the baskets with clay and wood bases used in some. Maple curls and seagrass are used to provide texture and decorative touches
S.E. Hall Furniture & Design
A single maker furniture shop located in Gray Maine. In the spirit of leaving a minimal carbon footprint, all my scrap from larger projects is used to produce kitchen and home decor items
Gigi Laberge
Fused and Flameworked Glass
Confetti Clay Works, Albert L’Etoile
Whimsical pottery and clay sculpture.
Sprig Woodwork, Mimosa Mack
Handcrafted wooden spoons, spreaders & spatulas, breadboards, and cutting boards. Fiddle bow knives, bottle openers. Pizza peels.
McKone Pottery, Mary McKone
Handmade/wheel thrown functional pottery with porcelain clay.
FairiSol Artisan Boutique, R. Medina
FairiSol Artisan Boutique features hand-crafted sun shades (parasols), using vibrant prints and luxe materials.
Justkim, Kim Pauley
Bags of various styles, many of which are reversible.. Fun & funky fabric combinations, and nautical fabrics.
Blarney Stone Pottery
Uniquely designed, individually hand sculpted high-fire stoneware pottery. Functional and fanciful pottery.
Westpoint Pottery, Nancy Shaul
Functional stoneware pottery with a touch of whimsy.
12,000 Volts
12,000 volts of electricity are passed along the surface of the wood to create unique Lichtenberg figures
Grape Island Glass, D. Uva
Fused, slumped glass. Home Decor: nightlights, platters, bowls, art.
Tandem Glass
Hand Blown Glass
Grey Seal Press
Original collagraph printmaking- hand made prints created with multiple plates on a traditional etching press.
Peyton Higgison
Linda Mahoney Prints
Moku Hanga, watercolor woodblock prints.
Penobscot Pyrographics, Roger Ryder
Wood burning on wood and paper.
H Monique Designs
Unique handmade silver & bronze lost wax cast jewelry; and repurposed copper jewelry.
Sea Salt and Silver
Sterling silver jewelry, inspired by the ocean.
A Savage Life
Silver and gold artisan jewelry.
B Barrett Jewelry
Wearable art to match your spirit and style.
Keith Field Goldsmith
Gold and Silver jewelry, with and without gemstones.
Hand crafted.
Sea Wrapture Studios, Susan Bradford
Sea glass pendants on scarves, earrings and bracelets.
Cullen Jewelry Design
Handcrafted sterling silver jewelry & accessories.
Earth Metalworks
Earthy, rustic mixed metal and torch fired enamel jewelry for men and women.
Kathryn Downs Studio
Original wearable art jewelry using gold, silver, copper and polymer clay.
The Fun Company
Hand Crafted jewelry from metals, coins, re-purposed items.
Hennessey  Jewelry
Traditionally metalsmithed jewelry and accessories for men and women.
Seamack Design
Handcrafted jewelry
Singing Jewels
Necklaces, bracelets, and earrings made from a variety of materials.
Kabyco Designs_edited
Clean, uncomplicated jewelry and adornments are designed to allow the natural gemstones to take the center stage. An extra emphasis in those gemstones that fire off a plethora of colors, such as Rainbow Moonstone, Labradorite and Opals.
Primarily recycled metals are used and often the designs incorporate a mixture of metals.
Dancing Stone Jewelry
Dancing Stone Jewelry celebrates the beauty of Nature in our handcrafted jewelry. Using locally gathered Maine beach stones, each piece is intricately hand-painted with abstract or organic designs resulting in a simple, yet elegant finished look.
Martini Jewels
Artisan created, hand crafted sterling silver, 14k gold fill and niobium jewelry.
Fresh Designs Jewelry, M. True
An eclectic collection of handmade jewelry made from vintage beads, semi-precious stones, organic beads such as wood, shell and bone, and metals including sterling silver, pewter, gold-filled, vermeil, and virgin brass. Also, jewelry hand cut from vintage biscuit and tea tins. Hand sewn flowers made from a variety of fabrics such as hand-dyed silk, tulle, organza, and re-purposed vintage jewelry parts.
Seeger Studio
Unique, simple, colorful and affordable line of enamel on copper earrings.
Maine Hill Studio, J Butts
Handcrafted scenic fabric collages .
Sharon Boody Dean
Original acrylic paintings on birch bark
Old Bottle Sea Glass of Maine
Beautiful and distinctive stained-glass windows, wall hangings and lampshades made from the 1790s to 1890s artifacts, glass and pottery.
Whimsey Beads
Map and Chart accessories using vintage charts.
C.K. Higgison
Whimsical paintings
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